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Writing on paper is one of life's special pleasures. When you need to jot down a phone number, scratch down an idea or keep your self entertained on long phone calls, a notepad is stress free way of getting the job done.

Printed on 80gsm or 100gsm laser bond in full colour.

Document minimum requirements

Here are the minimum requirements for supplying your document for printing. 

Correct page size
Please insure your document is setup to the correct size. This is the most common problem we see with supplied files, and will grind your project to a halt unfortunately.

Some common sizes are:
A1: 594mm x 841mm
A2: 420mm x 594mm
A3: 297mm x 420mm
A4: 210mm x 297mm
A5: 148mm x 210mm
A6: 105mm x 148mm
DL: 99mm x 210mm

Save as PDF
We recommend saving your document as a PDF. This will lock your content in place and offer the best integrity. Every application is different, but look for settings that say "Best for Printing". Avoid anything that says "Best for web".

Save as JPG
Although inferior to PDF, if there is no PDF export option, a JPG can be another suitable file format. If you're given the option by your application, try and save as 150dpi or more for best quality.

One page per page
It's not necessary to duplicate multiple copies onto a larger page size. We prefer it if you can supply the document with a single copy on the correct size page. One page per page please.

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Specs for graphic designers

For better quality, we recommend following these guidelines.

For best results, we recommend your images have anywhere from 150dpi through to 300dpi.

CMYK Colour mode
We recommend converting your images to CMYK with the Coated Gracol 2006 (ISO 12647-2:2004) ICC profile

5mm Bleed
Please supply 5mm bleed to the left, right, top and bottom of your pages. Ensure your PDF's enable bleed when exporting. It is always a great idea to open and check your PDF's after you've created them.

> Indesign PDF Settings

Call to discuss
We welcome you to call us or email us to discuss the specifics and technical aspects of your print project. Our prepress staff can guide you through the process.

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